Successful Start for the Under 9's

So with a very shaky pre-season - after the team developing from an old team that has split in two, to having no sponsors, then almost not enough players signed on to register; all seemed set for doom and gloom in early August 2017.

However with the passion and drive of the managers, players and local businesses, everything came into place three days before season start.

We have now successfully secured two new sponsors from "Templars Square Shopping Centre" and "Giuseppe's Barber Shop" Gaisford Road, who we would like to take this opportunity to thank for supporting our team. We have a Brand new Nike Kit on way and have successfully signed some new fresh faces "Welcome to all".

The team have performed amazingly in the first two games and I am not speaking of results so please do not ask, as at this age that does not matter, But the performance of the Boys.

WOW!! They have developed into a beautifully gelled team who are able to clearly demonstrate not only there understanding, love and passion for the game; but their knowledge of each others strengths and weakness both on and off the pitch. These boys walk out play and behave like any professional team and their individualism on the pitch is a sight to see, especially for some of the ages we have.

This team are a true Joy to watch play football and it is amazing to see them all so happy to engage with professional sportsmanship into an activity that develops both mental and physical fitness and make it look like child's play.

To anyone wondering or contemplating watching a game I welcome you, as you will not be disappointed by the performance these young boys put on regardless of the score lines.

I am proud to be able to say that this is the Club we represent and these are the boys I manage,

Well Done Under 9's you are an amazing little team and I can't wait for the next Game!